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¿Qué es una videoguía?


A video-guide is an electronic system similar to that of a video player notebook (palm) that allows custom guided tours.

Its function is based on giving detailed information about the work, object or location you are viewing. Such information can be historical, technique or a dramatisation to acclimate to the visitor.

The webinars are usually available in multiple languages and are offered for rent to enter museums (sometimes included in the value of the entry) and collected by a Manager to his departure from the Museum.

Unlike the audioguides, can present information in format of video or animation 2D or 3D, thus extending the experience exponentially.


How does it work?

The view of a museum or enclosure that offers this service is marked with numbered signs which, following a logical order, show which parts of the visit have their corresponding explanation in audio.

Thereafter the person can choose the route to follow based on their tastes. The videoguide through the visitor selects the number of the work on which you want to be informed, and this presents information.

In some cases, the visitor does not have to press any button (physical or digital) if not that the own videoguide reproduces content automatically to approaching the exhibited work.

A videooguia can go with earphones or external speaker.


Which applications does it have?

The video-guide is often found in museums, exhibitions, art galleries, private venues or locations outdoors.

Today, many entities offer the service of rent of the unit or the option to download it in the form of application to be able to see it from your mobile device. At Fabulor we offer both services.

One of its most valuable applications is the offer an explanation in language of signs or subtitled video of what you are seeing. Deaf people can thus enjoy the guided tour with the same advantages as the rest of visitors. Fabulor has these advantages in the sign-guide.

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