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What is a radio-guide?


A Radio-guide system is a set of receivers that capture the voice, emitted by a transmitter using frequency within a specific wavelength of radio-frequency (RF).

It is the same system as a traditional radio (FM), which broadcasts by frequency modulated but working at a higher frequency; as a channel for analog television, called UHF (Ultra High Frequencies).

Bands for European regulation for this purpose (audio broadcasting) frequencies are among the 863-865 MHz and 864,8 – 865 MHz.


How does it work?

The Radio-guide system is very easy to use. A microphone in transmitter and an earphone to the receiver is placed. Once they are lit only need to make sure that both are on the same channel (frequency).

When the transmitter and the receiver are on the same channel sound will clearly and without interference. Depending on the device used the number of channels will be greater or less, due to the frequency spectrum in which this work.

Our system has been tested in multiple environments and situations. We can guarantee voice pass through thick walls of stone and wide distance both indoors (museums, churches, exhibitions, conference rooms) and outdoors (busy streets, stadiums and buses in motion).



Which applications does it have?

Radio-guides can be used in all cases in which one or several persons need to follow a set of explanations live, by a partner (guide or Rapporteur), with the freedom to be able to move or not continue with the look without losing this explanation.

Many groups of visitors already benefit from our system; from the time they arrive they are accompanied by your guide, that can perform their work while they move by bus or walk down the street. No matter that the visitor is at the end of the Group and away from the Guide, you will hear her loud and clear from your handset.

In closed or small rooms you can enjoy the peace and calm that surround him and ecuchar to the fence while studying her work exposed; In addition you will not see your investment exploited by opportunists who are joining the group to have a free guided visit. With our dual-channel transmitter, you can also enjoy a programme of music selected by the Guide to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Listen to the hidden story behind a work while it sounds contemporary music or some ambience sounds prepared for the occasion, is of incalculable value.

In a wider professional we offer our tours for the simultaneous translation into several languages at conferences and seminars.

We even have customers who have discovered very original for our tours uses, as it is the case of synchronization of movements for the flight of kites synchronized in a musical composition in open field.



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